Champion's Guild


"Victoria est autem summum effectum." ("Victory is the highest accomplishment.")





Current Executive



Ignis, Shǎndiàn, Denbora, Thetven, Maximilian Faustus, Famiglia Pandaemonia, Shu Han

The Champion's Guild is a guild from the Dungeons and Dragons Suicidal Worlds Campaign. It is the guild that provides employment for those with a very enthusiastic, ambitious attitude. It is known for providing the Multiverse with mercenaries, athletes, and merchants. Champions are known for never shying away from an opportunity to prove themselves. High-ranking Champions tend to have a lot of combat experience.

Notable MembersEdit

  • Fortissimus, the Champion, founder of the Champion's Guild, who gave his life to slay the Beast. One of the Four Heroes.
  • Shēngwàng, the Prestige, a theorist and disciple of the Champion, and incredibly influential philosopher in the field of experimental arcana
  • Ostrategu, the Conniver, the only disciple of the Champion to betray him, he did so in an effort to slay the Beast once and for all
  • M'etesb, the Designer, a disciple of the Champion, and a genius engineer whose designs are still used to this very day
  • Penanya, current Executive of the Champion's Guild, a collector of many ancient and powerful weapons
  • Yangwu Khagan, Khagan of the Shu Han, a very influential Thetvenine nihilist and radical political leader


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